Science SpaƟ!

Happy Friday! So I just noticed as I got on here to write the blog post for today that I haven’t written a blog post last week. However, I have a good reason for forgetting! The wonders of science. For the past two weeks I have been working at an internship in the physics museum […]

21 Weird German Things

Today I want to just run through all of the weird things I have noticed while I have been here in Germany. As far as news goes all I can say is that I am now only 2 months away from Euro Tour. I am entirely completely excited. You can take public transportation anywhere! Germans […]

Fragen Friday!

I haven’t got much news here in Germany. This weekend I visited Wernigerode and had a great time in the Harz. If you want to hear more about that visit my youtube channel! I have been uploading a bit more often than my target video every two weeks so it is going well. Give me […]

A Schedule! +news

I am looking now at creating a bit of a schedule. As you can easily see the last few months have been as erratic posting as possible. Some weeks I would post something and some not. In fact I believe there was a month that I posted nothing at all. The new schedule will be […]

Winter Ferien

So this year I had a pretty good winter break (Ferien). It started out with christmas in the air and went very quickly until I switched families. The packing was long and I drew it out over two days. At the end I had only forgotten some boots and a bowtie. One thing I noticed […]

Question Monday!

I felt like writing a question post again today and I will probably talk some about winter break later. I am finally getting comments from more people hence why this is not titled Karl Q’s 3. If anyone has a question drop it in the comments and I will try to get to it! -Amy […]